Timeline of Past News


  • March 2024: Congratulations to Virginia Fochi and Lena Nielsen, who both received a Helga og Peter Kornings Fond grant to support their PhDs!

  • February 2024: Saying 'farewell' and 'thank you for the hard work' to Kyohei Fujita, who took up a position as Assistant Professor at Tokyo Women's Medical University Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science. Congratulations on the new position!
  • Kyohei in Tokyo

  • February 2024: Rob presents data on his project at the 2024 Winter Meeting of the Danish Cardiovascular Academy.

  • January 2024: We published a review on "Metabolic Flexibility of the Heart: The Role of Fatty Acid Metabolism in Health, Heart Failure, and Cardiometabolic Diseases" published here
  • 2024 Metabolism in HF Review


  • November 2023: Presenting our data (with a little help) at the Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus Seminar Series.
  • 2023 SDCA seminar

  • October 2023: Virginia and Jon attending a Python Image Analysis Workshop at the University of Copenhagen.
  • 2023 CPH Image Workshop

  • September 2023: Virginia is presenting her first poster on structural changes to Cullin-3 knockout muscles at the 2023 European Muscle Conference in Florence, Italy.
  • 2023 EMC Meeting Florence

  • July/August 2023: We presented our work on cardiac functions of Obsl1 and Obscurin at the 2023 American Heart Association Basic Cardiovscular Science Conference in Boston.
  • 2023 AHA BCVS Meeting

  • June 2023: We published a follow-up manuscript to the COVID-19 PhD education impact survey in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education. This study compares the impact of the pandemic on PhD programs in the US and Sweden. How was the science, graduation, life and future of PhD students affected by COVID-19; and what were differences between how Swedish universities and universities in the US handled the pandemic. Read all about it at here.
  • 2023 BaMBEd manuscript

  • June 2023: Kyohei wins the 2023 UC San Diego Schulman Award for Cardiovascular Research! Congratulations and a big thank you to all collaborators who helped his research along the way!
  • 2023 Schulman Award to Kyohei
  • May 2023: Congratulations to Kyohei, who presented data on the phenotype of the cardiac specific Obscurin/Obsl1 double knockout at the 2023 Cardiovascular Bioengineering (CVBE) Symposium in Kyoto Japan, and received an Abstract Award at the conference.
  • 2023 CVBE Meeting
  • May 2023: We and collaborators are presenting several poster at the 2023 Steno Diabetes Center Retreat. Great interactions with new collegues and a beautiful place to hold the retreat at the Mols Bjerge National Park.
  • 2023 Steno Retreat
  • May 2023: Kyohei presents data at the 10th Annual Fellows research Day at the UC San Diego Department of Cardiology.
  • January-April 2023: We are starting up the new laboratory at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University and the Steno Diabetes Center Aarhus and welcome lab manager Jeppe Høegh Kallesøe, Bachelors student Brigita Medelyte and PhD student Virginia Fochi to the team!
  • 2023 Aarhus University


    • December 2022: We have a new picture of the lab at UC San Diego. We welcomed Dr. Virginia Actis-Dato who starts her postdoctoral position in collaboration with Dr. Yoshitake Cho.
    • 2023 UCSD Lab Picture
    • October 2022: Very excited to share data on the Obscurin x Obsl1 double knockout mouse model at the 2022 EMBO metabolism workshop in Malaga! Great work by Dr. Fujita and our collaborators.
    • EMBO Workshop Malaga
    • October 2022: After 15+ years at at UC San Diego, I am excited to announce that the lab will transition to the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University. We will continue our quest to discover molecular mechanisms for sk.muscle and heart development, and for the aetiology of myopathies in both places, at UC San Diego and Aarhus University. Join the team in Aarhus: seeking postdocs & PhD students starting from 2023 onwards.
    • Aarhus university logo
    • September 2022: Kyohei presents the obscurin/Obsl1 double knockout model of diastolic heart failure at the 70th Annual Scientific Session of the Japanese College of Cardiology in Kyoto, Japan.
    • September 2022: Our preprint describing how ‘combined loss of obscurin and obscurin-like 1 in murine hearts results in diastolic dysfunction, altered metabolism and deregulated mitophagy’ is finally out at BioRxiv.
    • dKO BioRxiv preprint 2022
    • September 2022: Presenting our data on the obscurin/Obsl1 double knockout as new diastolic dysfunction heart failure model in comparison to the 'two-hit' model of heart failure with preserved ejection fraction at the 2022 'Metabolism in Action' Conference.
    • Metabolism in Action Conference 2022
    • August 2022: We have a new picture of the lab with collaborators and friends.
    • 2022 lab picture
    • July 2022: Our Obscn & Obsl1 gene targeted mice 🐭 are now available at Jackson Laboratories. A great tool for skeletal muscle and cardiac research. Follow the links for more info on the Obscurin and Obsl1 lines.
      We are also working on a new manuscript detailing Obscn/Obsl1 function for hearts
      #preprint #ComingSoon.
    • June 2022: Our new collaborative manuscript on adipose tissue inflammation and cardiometabolic disease with the Borgeson lab @Unversity of Gothenburg is out in iScience.
    • iScience 2022 manuscript
    • June 2022: We presented data at the ISHR meeting in Berlin, Germany. Madison Clark won a poster award for her work.
    • Madison ISHR
    • May 2022: Madison Clark successfully defended her collaborative Masters Thesis with the group of Assoc. Prof. Borgeson at the University of Gothenburg. Congratulations!
    • Madison Thesis Defence
    • January 2022: We contributed to a collaborative manuscript from the group of Prof. Sorrentino on obscurin functions in skeletal muscles.
    • Obscurin KO muscle MS 2022


    • September 2021: Check out our new review article on the titin N2B and N2A regions as biomechanical and metabolic signaling hubs in cross-striated muscles published in Biophysical Reviews.
    • The titin I-band as biomechanical and signaling hub
    • May 2021: Something entirely different from the usual projects in the lab: We looked at challenges to the education of PhD students at universities in Sweden due to COVID-19. The accepted manuscript is now available at BMC Medical Education.
    • Impact of covid on PhD education in Sweden
    • April 2021: We collaborated with the Sheikh Lab at UC San Diego to uncover cardiac functions of the Cop9 Signalosome unit Csn6. The manuscript was recently published at the Journal of Clinical Investigations (JCI).
    • Cardiac Csn6 knockout manuscript
    • April 2021: We have a new collaborative manuscript describing the structure of titin Ig81-83 availabe at the Journal of General Physiology.
    • titin Ig81-83 structure
    • March 2021: Discover our new manuscript that explores obscurin and SPEG kinase biology. The open access article is published here. Another paper with a fantastic team of collaborators- Dr. Fleming at the University of Konstanz and the Borgeson lab at the University of Gothenburg.
    • Exploring obscurin and SPEG kinase biology
    • February 2021: New manuscript on Ankrd1/Carp1 binding to titin N2a and filamentous actin; published in the Journal of Molecular Biology. Great collaborative effort with the labs of Olga Mayans, Wolfgang Linke, Michael Kovermann, Belinda Bullard, Ju Chen and Emma Borgeson.
    • Ankrd1/titin/F-actin binding interface


    • October 2020: Read our new review on the role of cullin-RING ligases for the development and function of cross-striated muscles. The open access article is published here.
    • Cullin-Review article
    • September 2020: We presented data on the role of obscurin proteins for cardiac health at a symposium in Bern, Switzerland.
    • September 2020: We attended the virtual Keystone Symposium on Proteomics in Cell Biology and Disease. We featured our work on cardiac phospho-proteomics and its role in the development of dilated cardiomyopathy.
    • July 2020: Our work combatting Dilated Cardiomyopathy is featured in the Saltman Quarterly.
    • Saltman Article
    • March-June 2020: Keeping the lab going in times of social distancing.
    • Zoom Meeting
    • January 2020: We are grateful to have received major funding from the Muscular Dystrophy Association to organize the 2020 AMC Meeting.
      Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we were unfortunately forced to cancel the meeting.
    • MDA