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  • Saltman Quarterly Article

    Our work understanding and combating the development of Dilated Cardiomyopathy was featured in the Saltman Quarterly. More details and the article can be found here >

Featured Research Article

  • Ankrd1/titin/F-actin binding interface This manuscript describes a new ternary complex at the sarcomeric I-band: Ankrd1/Carp1 binds to titin (N2a) and also forms links to filamentous actin. The article is published in the Journal of Molecular Biology. A great collaborative effort with the labs of Olga Mayans, Wolfgang Linke, Michael Kovermann, Belinda Bullard, Ju Chen and Emma Borgeson.

  • Featured Review Article

    • Cullin-Review article Read our extensive review on the role of cullin-RING ligases for the development and function of cross-striated muscles. The open access article is published here >

About the Lab

We investigate muscle development, signaling and maintenance, by studying the biological role of sarcomeric and muscle associated proteins. We are particularly interested to decipher molecular mechanisms that play a role in the development of cardiac and skeletal muscle myopathies.

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Our laboratory is Green Lab Certified. We aim to do sustainable research to preserve the planets resources.

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