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December 16, 2014


On moving (yet again)

It became quite busy at the bench over the last 6-7 months. With Jordan, Alex, two-three undergraduate and high-school students and myself (more or less) constantly present, the space was getting somewhat tight.
So when the opportunity came up to move to another area insight the building with (slightly) more space we took it up, packed our 'bags' and relocated.

Pristine benches that are (mostly) uncluttered, and empty shelves.

lab panorama 1

& After
YES! That is how a lab is supposed to look like. Loads of blinking and whizzing gizmos, solution bottles filled with all kinds of 'potions', colorful plastic thingies and such, and of course the usual round (RED) ice buckets.

lab panorama 2
The new space is, well, on some levels good, because it offers one bench and desk space more. Which comes in handy particularly when there are more than 2 people around. However, since the space is located next to the autoclave and liquid nitrogen tank, and its somewhat away from everyone else, you tend to feel a bit isolated and inundated by the noise. At least for the noise we found two perfectly workable solutions.
No.1: get the Pandora Radio constantly going with high volume levels (drown out the gurgling autoclave, and the hissing liquid nitrogen tank). Possible because we have no neighbors that can complain about the volume or type of music. . .
No.2: put a sign on the door to the autoclave room to 'shut it'.

Well, after a couple of days in the new space (to get used to it) I have to say that it kind of grows on you. Even the students think its good. Here is Paige happy to load the first DNA gel in the newly 'appropriated' space. Just need to get those correct bands now!

Paige in the lab

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