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September 17, 2016

bullet_in the works

On the 'return of the beast'

I am used to keeping things running and operational in the department.
One thing I never imagined I had to (yet again) do is to try and mend one of these gel imagers back into working conditions:

The 'return of the beast' - version 2.0

This brings up memories of 'the beast' - a gel imaging system that was (for lack of a better word) so 'crappy' and broken down that I had to fix it with tape and blu-teck. Anyways, we have version 2.0 of the beast now - instead of a Windows 98 computer as in the old system, we now at least have one that runs on Windows XP - YAY!

The 'original' beast

Now the new version of the beast is replacing this fancy BioRad gel-imager, which the division got in 2012. And 4 years later it is rather badly damaged, as the main control circuit needs replacing - a feat that would require at least $3000.

The dead beast.

So instead of coughing up the money I rather fix version 2.0 of the beast for $18 (just with a new power supply for the camera, and some 'MacGyver style' wiring). Always in the spirit of our motto here - it works now (more or less) like a charm - until the next crash!

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