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September 3, 2013

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On new things to come

Well; it seems to be official. The division of (Basic) Cardiology is soon moving into a brand-new building across the road from our 'old' lab-space in the BSB. Here are some pictures that I took last week during a quick visit of the building site.

The grand atrium is in its final stages before completion and starting to look rather impressive.

The lab-space is nearly finished. I'm afraid that I am NOT a fan of these big labs that supposedly enable scientists to interact better (typical architect nonsense, best seen in the picture of rows upon rows of benches). However, I have to say the new bench space has a certain appeal to it over the benches we use at the moment. We will see about it when people are actually working there. One thing is really nice though - loads of natural light through the windows. More than 6 years of working in a windowless lab is teaching you the value of daylight.

Next to the lab-space is a large hallway for chemical and glass-ware storage, freezers, centrifuges and other equipment.
Btw, for the casual philanthropist that has a couple of millions to spare: the naming rights for the building are apparently still up for grabs. It would be nice if we could replace the rather un-charming abbreviation BRF2, which stands for Biomedical(?) Research Facility 2, with something more catchy?! What about the "Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin Biomedical Research Facility"? Or the "Bill and Melinda Gates Medical Research Center"??? Any takers?

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