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JULY 10, 2013


On Setting up the website

Over the last couple of days I've been working in my spare time to get the website started. I have a little experience in this, as I worked on the homepages of the Ju Chen Lab, and the AMC meeting. However, working on my own homepage - especially when you start out with a small lab and nothing much to say (content, content, content) - is pretty darn difficult. Add to this mix the problem that my HTML coding skills are from the mid 90's! That pre-dates the CSS style sheet, and a lot of the interactive elements in a website that makes it look appealing, interesting and interactive.

Either way, here is the result (still under construction). I made a mix of the "old-style" graphics of the School of Medicine lab home-pages (thanks to the developer who worked tirelessly to provide the css style sheets and website templates that I based this website on), and the new and fancy UC-San Diego homepage look. The result reminds me somewhat of a caveman trying to combine a horse-drawn cart with a car from Tesla. In any case, I tested the website on several different browser platforms (of course only on a MAC), and it looks somewhat representable - most of the time.

Of course there are downsides of trying to make my own homepage and blog. First off - no one proof-reads all that gibberish. Then for the blog-section I would have liked to implement that people can comment on the stuff I am writing. However, the website is hosted on an old Mac mini G4 in the lab (that runs PANDORA in the background for entertainment reasons). Trying to install something more fancy like wordpress on this machine is nearly impossible due to the lack of support for old operating systems - in this case a PowerPC and OSX 10.4. And although I am somewhat versed in keeping this machine going, there are also (time) limits that I am willing to invest to 'pimp' the machine out.

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